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  1. This is funny as hell! What the hell was that one lady behind the guy interviewing Anna whatever doing?? What the fuck was Macy Gray wearing!! Jaime Kennedy has truely hit bottom…which honestly wasnt that far for him but still…

    1. @Ambrosia You look good in YELLOW….. I see that you still begging for a White man COCK…… I think REDNECK SUCKING is White???

    2. Thank for the compliment but I’m not black and I have every one of my teeth! But tell me 2homo…is it true?? Once you go black man you never go back?? I would say black women but we both know that wouldn’t apply to you!

    3. @Ambrosia Yes I Fuck many Black Woman and none of them had a Pussy, like you’re that Smell like a Dead Rotten Fish….. If I do find one I’ll let you know…….

    4. @2homo You fucked many black women and none of them had a pussy? Those are called guys. Congratulations on coming out.

  2. This would be a very funny SNL skit – a parody of meaningless New Year’s galas. But it’s even funnier because it was meant to be real.

  3. Aaaa!!!!!! FRED you look so beautiful in your Blue Dress…… See I don’t hate you that much… But you should have put on a Show…. Where you getting Fuck by a DONKEY……!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kennedy came out this week saying that the NYE show he hosted was done poorly as a prank. He said they had an open bar and they purposely didn’t rehearse. If that’s the case, it’s a prank on him. It was a shitty show.

    1. “Directot: David Marquez” – Well, I guess in the very near future this guy’s career will be considered “short but remarkable”

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