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  1. I’ve seen worse. The next tattoo I get will be of the Social Distortion skeleton, not that anyone here will know what that is…

    1. I wanted the black flag logo, but too many dipshits that don’t even know what black flag is already have it.

    2. Hehe I dont care how trendy Black Flag are these days, they are still bad ass. Ive got a tshirt but I dont wear it anymore because ironically I dont want to look like a poser

    3. really guys? you think you are the only ones that know old punk bands? yaya there is more to differentiate, but get real. those bands wouldn’t have been that long living with only two people in the world knowing about them.

    4. I was a fan of the Brown Eye Bandits, I was actually their only fan. Punk music finds you! Woot I’m going to Soundwave festival this year to see Anthrax, Gallows, Vandals, Cancer Bats, Red Fang, and Mindless Self Indulgence (plus a million other cool bands that I don’t like, like Slayer, Metallica, Stone Sour, and Blink 182), bitches! Hehe last time I was at Soundwave was in 2011, and I smoked a fat spliff when Rob Zombie was on!

  2. Black Flag? Anarchy?
    If you would ever experience it, you guys would run home to mommy crying your eyes out because your cell phone suddenly has no reception anymore and your ink guy has closed down cause his shop got pwnd by caring people…

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