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  1. TRY and get into the mind of Finger Fuck FRED….
    All you would find is DICKS fro very tiny to XXXXLarge….. Don’t forget his Baseball Bat……

    1. @JewHomo ALL you talk about are dicks, guys and baseball bats. Are you just using Fred as a scapegoat to express your true interests?

    2. It’s a possibility… However Fred and 2Homo could be the same person… just something to think about.

    3. @ZERO Let me fix you up with Finger Fuck FRED???
      or CUMBAG Steve is more of your liking??? But Grave Digger JIMMY might be the one for you…. All you need to do is act like your DEAD and Grave Digger JIMMY will Rape your ASS……

    4. No thank you. I know it might be hard to understand, but some of us prefer the company of women. You can keep the homosexual references and fantasies all to yourself. I’ll be at the bar trying my luck with the opposite sex.

  2. He had one fucking job to do. Empty headed idiot. We just saw inside the mind of a judge, and there is nothing there

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