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    1. Hey Blaster999, they already procreated. That’s why they are moms. Go smoke another doobie, you retard.

  1. Would hate to live next door to that winey bitch, could you imagine the trivial, nit-picking complaints that cow would make on a weekly basis to the council & cops.
    Clearly she’s invaded her neighbour’s privacy by looking & leaning over the fence & taking that photo.
    I bet she wouldn’t care less if that was actually marijuana if her neighbours were of the same faith as her.

  2. God doesn’t exist. When you die it will be the same as it was before you were born. If god created pot (cough, cough, exhale)… Thank the fucking lord because smoking pot would be the only way to tolerate neighbours like this.

    I’m not atheist, I’m a realist.

  3. If you want to sound intelligent while spouting moronic shit, then learn how to spell what you are judging. ATHEIST you moron!! Your God created weed so go in the house and take a xanax and chill.

  4. “Epic Fail Fail” I just saw this page on facebook two days ago. It is a TROLL PAGE. Not real, Never was.

    The page quotes on every other picture about how people “died from ‘injecting’ marijuana.” C’mon man, really?

  5. straight to the police for some mj, some people need to get their priorities straight…
    btw, wonder what police said once they saw the “weed”

  6. Hahaha, I submitted this. I died laughing when I came across it yesterday. I hope she’s a real person for my laughter at her expense…There really are super stupid people in this world, so it is possible lol.

    1. though this is fake, people who openly rail against atheism usually aren’t that intelligent, generally speaking…

  7. what an ignorant, hating, bitch! at least know what your talking about before acting like a fool! and what a ‘Christian’ example she is setting! I fear ‘FOR’ her kids(as if she even found someone to reproduce with all of that)! ha ha ha back at ya concerned mom! maybe you should educate your self before passing judgment on others or calling the police on Innocent ppl..just a thought! I wish I could see the back fire she received when the police showed up lol.

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