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    1. if you’ll watch the best epic fail for the rest of your life you’ll stop complain?

      i can send you the pic right now..

      (its a pic of your parents having sex 9 month before you born)

    2. @2lolo The broken condom that truck driver was using to fuck your meth-head slut mother in her large curd cottage cheese style yeast infection in the back of Dennys. God hates you.

    1. Lol 2lolo. But to be fair, I would say that tree has been pissed on many times over the course of its life, and not all by Ambrosia.

  1. I know you guys know this but i just have to point this out, thats obviously photo shopped. They are civilized so there for why the hell would they leave a tree in the middle of the road.

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