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  1. Now I get to hate facebook vicariously through this shit show. Fuck you, epicfail. I didn’t come here to read facebook and I didn’t come here for wins. Worst site management ever.

    1. Wait, here we go. Queue some annoying faggot to come in with the “LuLZ.? Then y u does still come here dummy!!…..” line.
      Fuck you, too, asshat. It’s called optimism. Just because you’re too much of a pussy to raise your voice or complacent with mediocrity doesn’t mean that I have to be.

    2. hey man, why do you still come here and reply to your own posts…?
      but yeah, no. I totally agree. If I wanted “witty” facebook banter, I’d fucking use facebook.

    3. I’m totally with you man. This sites crappily managed. It’s like a forum for racism and bullying and the shitty achievements of people with too much time on their hands. It’s a least better than failblog, I can’t even visit that site anymore.

  2. Old joke..pointless fail..a fail for fail…I read the comments and I ponder..there are about 2 percent of positive constructive feedbacks on posted fails…the rest are banal bollox of negative constructive comments or as mentioned racial abuse, abuse to comments from others, and other childish remarks. .if I hate a channel I grab my remote and turn over…if I am cold I turn the heating up…if I don’t..well u get the point…or maybe the 2 percent do.

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