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    1. taking more time and not only one glance, I think this comment was to another picture…I failed, nvm

    1. Thor, Yes I love Girls and Woman… But I’ll never let you Suck on my Cock…. Try MIT he love you to suck on his cocks or FRED….. If your lucky Ambrosia love a Cock in her……

    2. No worries, I would never try to suck on your clit… I am into women, but you are not my type, you have been rode way too hard and put away way too wet… Ambrosia is more my style, but don’t be sad, I am sure there is some aids infested Somali butt pirate that would love to have you!

    3. I realize that I might have offended someone with my previous comment and I would like to take this time to apologize…
      Here goes… Somali Butt Pirates, I am sorry for saying that you are low enough to pine after 2lolo… there, now I feel better.

    4. So wait…MIT has 2 dicks? Aaaaannddd why wouldn’t I like them? I’m not into women so it would only make sense….but then again you talk like you have severe brain damage!

  1. does anyone realize that everone of you- are crazy. and this is coming from a guy who calls himself strange jerk

  2. if that is a ipad that is a true win, if its a nook nobody cares, if its a tablet that is a fail……..APPLE SUCKS!!!!!

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