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    1. Most women do. There’s a chemical reaction between a man’s semen and the vaginal wall that can sometimes trigger an orgasm in females.

  1. Are you sure it a Girl??? That could be MIT sending his love to Thor…… Or is it Thor???? They both look alike……….

    1. It doesn’t seem like I have to ask them, you can fill me in better than anyone… I haven’t been able to figure it out yet… Are you a huge flamin homo, or a big ugly lesbo?

    2. @Thor Don’t ask me what you are….. I don’t give a fuck if your a HOMO or Lesbo…. If your a Homo see Finger Fuck FRED, Grave Digger JIMMY but you must play dead… How about your lover Mit??? But if your a Lesbo please see Ambrosia, she is looking for someone to eat her Rotten Dead Fish Pussy…..

    3. Oh snap! You got me good 2homo… You must have stopped raping those goats long enough to string a thought together.

    1. Judging by the profound quantity of adipose tissue padding her spine and inherent invisibility of her shoulder blades one might infer that her quasi-humorously unknowledgable disposition may be an instinctual trait of self removal from the gene pool by means of repelling potential mates. Darwin would prefer we not understand her mindlessly incoherent babbling.

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