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    1. I don’t own a gun. But, I would so borrow one so I could shoot this mofo in the face… Yes, I would bury the body. What do you take me for?, a savage? lol

    1. You’re joking, right? Have you EVER watched the discovery channel? Those black people tattoo their whole bodies and put dinner plate sized discs in their lips and ears, stretch their necks, and do scarification. I’d go as far as to say they are likely a major source of inspiration for modern body modificatins.

    2. And obviously its not only black people you dumb bitches!!! ONLY WHITE PEOPLE!!!! And no evilshtfire…that bitch Dudebro is not correct!!! You dumb fucks make those decisions yourself!!! If your insane enough to do it than that’s just it no matter what inspires you!!!

    3. Wow, your prowess with words, specifically those used in rebute, is exemplary. You have mastered both the English language and validated arguments. Since you have utilized such a plethora of coherent and referenced substantiations I am unable to see flaw in your strategy, ergo rendering my contravention obsolete.

    4. I don’t even know why I argued back! You idiots just want somebody to fight with…and it’s sad!! Grow some balls!

    5. It’s a rebuke, not a rebute. Or did you mean rebut? No fail worse than a fail while showing off.
      And that was a silly, trollish generalization, Dustin. Imitate grownups once in awhile, guys.

    6. Genetics have already granted me a working set. I believe the cultivation of an additional pair would only increase my susceptibility to physical pain. Your previous argument still lacks couth and validity.

    7. Mya, you need to reread the comments made by dudebro. Dudebro didnt say it was ONLY black people, he(?) simply provided a valid example from actual cultures were it is necessary to have multiple body modifications to be accepted. Then added his own reasonable opinion. I suggest that you grow up and realize that not every comment about black people is racist.

      but hey im just some white “DUMB BITCH”

    8. @dudebro…..too fucking awesome….. @ mya……i hope your i.q. is based on a sliding scale…….and this dude looks badass.

    9. Really? because last time i check this freak is white. You might want to tell your brother that this look is not really working for him.

    1. Ugh….I’ll admit….after I sent that I knew I could have done alot better! FAIL for me!! Lol 😉

    2. @Ambrosia Don’t you remember your Ex-Boyfriend??? His Face got Fuck after he went down on you….. There must be something in your PUSSY to fuck up his face??? Can it be your “DEAD ROTTEN FISH PUSSY??????

    1. That’s exactly the idea, guaranteed to be on welfare for life.
      That fucker can go to as many job interviews any government job agency can book for him, no employer would hire him.

    1. Of course it is, coming from a guy with the user name “DeathMetal”. It should be an annual look, that’s for sure.

    1. Yeah 2homo… listen to Barlion from above… YOU are what happens when Daddy touches a little too much.

    2. Well 2homo, I have to admit… you really comit! A joke doesn’t work and just keep beating it… You should try humming a tune on your exhaust pipe…

    3. Ugh! I don’t think I can ever pry my cock out of my abdomen again. This “God of Sickeningly Sickening Romantic” shit is nauseatingly nauseating. Just saying.

  1. Hopefully, this waste of life has already committed suicide. If not, hopefully he will VERY soon! Please whatever you are… kill yourself.

    1. Really? You’re that much of a judgemental prick that you wish this guy, whom you don’t even know would just off himself? Clearly, tattoo face here has made some bad fucking decisions, not the least of which is destroying his own face, but you really think that somehow makes him less deserving to live? Wow dude…just…fuck you. I hope you’re only this callous and borderline sociopathic, on the internet.

    2. BeetleBatJuiceMan – What’s wrong sweetie? Can’t handle mean words? Here’s what you should do… KILL YOURSELF! You useless sack of shit. KILL YOURSELF!

    3. And some people are just so sad, pathetic and starved for someone, ANYONE to love them! Isn’t that right, Mya?

  2. this shithead must be shown to all bullies at schools to show them what their victims would become……….. nah, kill yourself loser

  3. you do not have permission to use my image or likeness, of any kind. Take my photo off your sight, or face legal ramifications! I will sue!!!

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