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  1. Ambrosia is taking names…… To lick her Butt-Hole… Ambrosia will love you long time???????? Or Short time?????
    Please Add your Name Below…….

    1. “YES” Ambrosia You don’t see my name, do you…..
      But Thor Hummer want’s you 3X….. After all Thor Hummer Hum on Grave Digger JIMMY little thing…

    2. @2lolo why don’t you just tell ambrosia the he makes up your needle dick hard and finally stop wasting everyone’s time with your stupid comments.

  2. Was she trying to show off with that, or make anyone jealous or envious?
    I might be the only person in the world that is a little jealous of her, that’s it. And maybe some people on craigslist, but whatever.

  3. how old is this dumb girl? she sounds young and inexperienced, like a little ass licking is new territory. so my comment is what a stupid thing to say on fb. if she had half assed parents maybe they would teach her to stfu. prime example of kids and tech equalling a goddamned society fail.

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