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  1. Maybe she’s trying to make a statement. Unfortunately, that statement says I’m bat shit crazy and magnum condom wearers only! Lol nice duct taped 3D glasses! 😛

    1. Those are actually being hung from her earrings. Maybe she’s trying to relay the message that AIDs is the leading cause of death for black females between the ages of 35-44, and maybe she’s paying into the disproven rumor that black men have the biggest penises.

    2. @Ambrosia Please take “DudeTits” Comment to heart….. Always used a Condoms…… Blacks love to Fuck a white woman……. DudeTits love big penises…. After all DudeTits was Finger Fuck FRED lover…..

    3. How do you know they were lovers?? Watch from the closet did you?? And thanks for the condom advice! Safety first after all!

    4. Safety first is always good… but why do they have to be “used” already? 2homo… you are one sick puppy…

    5. @Thor Hummer You should know…… When you fuck Ambrosia Ass to Cunt to Mouth….. Ambrosia always USED the same Condom….. Day after day… No Condom needed when you HUM a Tune on her ass-o…….

    6. I gave him a blow job with a used condom on?? Now that’s just ridiculous 2homo! And I’ll pass on anything humming on my ASS-O as you continue to call it!

    7. @Ambrosia ASS-O or butt hole you still call it your #2 pussy…… and when you give blow–jobs you call your mouth #3 pussy….. You would do any thing to find a boyfriend…..

    8. @Ambrosia, we might have to stop picking on 2homo… with the way he strings “sentences” together and his overall lack of knowledge of the inner-workings of the female body… there is no way this little dipshit is of legal age… there is probably some law against making kids hate themselves even more….

    1. ThatGuyWhoComments your comment iis funny. To the people who thinks this youg lady is on welfare you could be 100% wrog.. This young lady could be making some kind of statement. To those of you making racist remarks and bigoted statements does not make any of you any better than anybody else. And Dudebro maybe somebody elses taxes did pay for it but obviously not your money I bet that you do ot even have a good paying job or not i college or a college graduate. People like you bigots use to upset but all did is make me try harder. I have a log way to in college but i will finish.

  2. Yet another “HEY EVERYONE….LOOK AT ME!!!!” black person on a mass transit line.
    Thank gawd I’m not longer around these animals.

  3. How many fails can one person really attempt to have at the same time. You’d figure she’s starting to defy the some universal law somewhere. . . LOL!

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