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    1. Jesus Christ, is this how people shop at the grocery store? No wonder heart disease is the heavyweight champion of the world.

  1. It’s only a fail to people without kids. If you have kids then you know that this is perfectly fine. Keeps the kid from running around the store without you and the kids always seem to enjoy it.

    1. So, what you’re saying is that your kids are disgusting fat fucks who can’t walk on their own and are shaped like footballs? More wide than they are tall? Or, maybe your kids are like wild animals and can’t control themselves from “running around the store”? You’re a failure at life.

    2. @ Michael

      My kid is not fat and is a straight A student in High School. So, I would consider myself a great parent and not a failure at all. The true measure of a person is how they raise their kids and how those kids turn out in life. I can see already that your parents failed you by you calling complete strangers on the internet failures at life.

    3. me: obvious troll is obvious. You fail at deflecting insults, for sure.

      I’d say this is a parenting fail because of the disgusting “foodstuffs” they’re shoveling down his gob.

    4. @me the way you raise your kids is ONE measure of a person. There are plenty of measurably great and triumphant people that have never had any children.

    1. Most foods are now. You practically have to grow and raise it yourself to avoid all the bad stuff thats even in “organic” food…

    2. That kid should be eating Shredded Wheat and Raisin Bran. The milk should come from a Russian prostitute’s teat.

  2. The fail here is that the parents who have full carts full of food like that have food stamps. The ones who work for a living might have a loaf of bread and off-brand cereal.

  3. The kids alright in there and he fell asleep, whats the fail? It’s better than the kids who are allowed to run around screaming and knocking things over.

  4. I wish my parents let me rest under a pile of cereal like that, I would have had to arranged it like tank armor plating to ensure proper protection from those other kids, of course.

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