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  1. I don’t see dreadlocks in his mugshot, so that would lead me to believe that his pubes are styled in dreadlocks and his girlfriend is NOT near-sighted.

    1. Help me what? I’m all for a little spank and tickle but choking is just a little to kinky for me! I’m going to guess if he was doing that to you, you wouldn’t be calling the cops. You’d be begging for more! You sick bastard!

    2. Stop Lying Ambrosia…… You would do anything, just get a boyfriend….. Your last boyfriend did to you in your ASS to Pussy to Mouth and back to ass to Pussy to Mouth….. Over and over…….

    3. And if anyone knows desperate that would be you wouldn’t it?? You couldn’t get a toothless hooker to give you the time of day!

    4. Don’t engage Ambrosia. Eventually 2homo will find another website to troll if he gets NO responses from this one.

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