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  1. What a FUCKWIT.

    “It’s not my fault”

    Over a crappy American Football Game???

    Are you fucking retarded you dumb fuck!

  2. What a little bitch! He needs to come watch football at my house and see ow shit goes down when his team loses. Break my shit, I DARE YOU!

  3. FAKE!!!! Why the Hell would they be Video taping themselves watching a stupid football game?!? Oh that’s right, to get on ‘EPICFAIL’ and be a dumb-ass on purpose.

  4. I can understand his frustration – it’s a proven medical fact that the size of a man’s penis increases in direct proportion with how well his team plays.

  5. Fake….
    1st- no way that dude as a girlfriend that is not plastic or a fleshlight.
    2nd – no way he has ever played or knows about sports.

  6. He hasn’t played anything more complicated or challenging than tennis. If this is real, I hope she is using birth control.

  7. Fake as jersey shore. ..yep why film a prick of any kind especially while watching emotion in his umm girlfriend’ voice..1st he picks up pillow to show he’s starting to feel angry..2nd he then with supposedly impulse struggles to lift the speaker and breaks a pain of glass drinks on table..not antique Ikea…I’d fucking the blonde tho

  8. Im morw than positive this is fake….I might have to do with that thats the same kid who jammed a remote in his ass……

  9. This is fake, but only just so.
    Football fans act like babies when their team looses :p

    This is also why I go for gamer guys instead.
    If you play CODBO2, make sure to say “_____ team sucks” if you see a football related gamercard! Instarage!

  10. I’m from Arizona, dude the only thing that’s broken because of a sports game is the chances of winning a championship

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