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    1. You mean he spat out the whole shebang? I guess, and so hard it didn’t register on a single frame. So there’s cigarettes and paper all over the floor in front of him.

    1. I see what you did there, brilliant use of the word fags since it means cigarettes. You, sir, are a true wordsmith and I salute you and your dyke-ass mama.

  1. This guy is copying a routine by a magician in the early 90’s almost exactly. Google “Tom Mullica magic with 12 cigarettes” and watch the 1st video.

  2. How the fu©k is this a win? This is some nasty $hit he’s looking for cancer and some serious tooth decay… Fµckïn nasty china man..

  3. @Ambrosia on YNC.Com I seen your new PORN…
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