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    1. Come on Ambrosia Any Balls will do for you…… Even a Bowling will put a smile on your face…… But I think a Bowling Pin will work for you…..?????

  1. Criminal trespassing, gross negligance of personal safety. But the true fail in this video is the hideous background “music”.

    Just say “NO!” to rap.

  2. Ball’s Of Steel….. Bullshit!!!!!! !’ll bet him that he can’t lick on Ambroise Pussy for 2 mins. And a side bet, he can’t past the smell of Ambroise Rotten Pussy………

    1. Ha! Ha! That dickhead Fred probably went down on it, munched and licked it till it was bleeding, then blasted his gooey thick stickiness all over the room and Ambrosia. What a fuckwit. I fucking hate that guy.

    2. Holy shit! I can’t believe I missed this! Anyways, I kinda liked Fred… I mean, at least he was cooler than Dora the Fuckin Explorer…

  3. Bravery: the act of selfless sacrifice for the greater good of mankind
    Respect: honor and reverence of good morals, deeds.
    This right here is the sad result of selfish, self absorbant fun. “I can do it” without having the forethought to realize you should not do it. Total lack of character, wisdom, and reasoning in this person.

  4. I agree the music was fucking terrible I had to mute it. Towards the end it says dangerous for life I thought was stupid. But this was pretty scary I was afraid he’d fall the whole time!

  5. One day you’ll maybe realise your own stupidity. Since I’m a cynic my hopes are barely detectable. I’m talking about the commentators in this thread. Mustang wantad’s probably the only sane person on this webpage. He knows exactly what he’s doing. If that wasn’t the case he’d been dead a long time ago. I guess you can’t comprehend that someone that hasn’t been on the tv in the us can be kick ass good at what he’s doing.

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