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    1. Nothing wrong with exercise.

      The ‘jazz’-ercise is fail. The music is fail. ’80s jazzercise should be time-warped into the future and shot.

      And now it has.

    2. Jazzercise isn’t fail. It’s evolved into tibow which has evolved into whatever it is in 2013. It’s healthy and it’s a great way for older people to stay in shape and remain limber. The only fail is the retard that posted that staying in shape is fail. Any you.

    3. Who posted the final clause of the second to last sentence you posted? The comment is nowhere to be found.

  1. Of course this is considered a fail in America. Most Americans are fat, disgusting slobs who wouldn’t peel their giant asses of the couch if their lives depended on it.

    1. I am American, and I train 2 hours a day after working a 10 hour shift. Michael, your just being a dick. Might I ask where you are from?

  2. I ask: where’s the fail? No one fell down, no one hurt themselves. All I saw was a bunch of healthy-looking people led by an energetic (if a bit silly) instructor.

  3. Only fail was some knob taught Elephants to dance…when they are far happier and useful trampling people….fuck that paste and copy feature

  4. Whatever, that’s not a fail, that lady is my hero. If you can stay that happy while exercising, then you’re doing something right.

  5. Jazzercise was a HUGE success. These videos made so much money! So did Sweatin to the oldies and Tae Bo….not a fail when you bring in the amount of money they did.

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