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    1. Lmao she needs to lay off if its making her gotch eyed. Judging by her mouth she’s got about 2 teeth in her head too…SEXY BITCH!

    2. You sound interesting.
      So, does your dentist have to say, “Open wide” once or does he have to repeat it throughout your visit?

    3. Well, just so ya know, I’m one of these foreskinned dudes, so just because I wash very vigorously and liberally doesn’t mean that you can just go hay-wire on it. I’m still a very sensitive guy.
      Be gentle?

    4. Well, yeah, but…if you wanna go hardcore…it’s not like I’m not used to it…or anything…just…do like you like… to do…whatever…just do it. Ya know? You wanna do it? I don’t mean to pressure or anything, though. Sorry. Can I take my clothes off anyway…just in case?

    1. I’d imagine that’s the name of the guy who’s dick you were sucking last night. But after as many blowjobs as you’ve given names don’t really matter anymore do they 2homo?

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