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    1. Thor? Why did you come up with some pussy-ass name like that? And why do you have a pink doohickey beside your name? THOR? YOU HAVE A PINK DOOHICKEY! What’s up with that shit? Your pink doohickey means you’re gay, right?

    2. Well little cartoon girl, let me explain… The little pink doo-hickey means that I am secure in my masculinity, and I picked the name Thor because it is the other half of my mma fight name… so sorry to dissapoint, if your looking for a gay boy, try 2homo…

    3. @Dora and Thor Hummer Don’t you 2 Queer’s understand Ambrosia want’s only DEAD Person…..
      Like in Twilight movie….. AMBROSIA Ask Grave Digger JIMMY to dig up a Dead Man who die with a Hard-on……….

    1. AHAHAHA – everybody point and laugh at the dork in the gay costume carrying a hammer that is too stupid to find the FUCKIN REPLY BUTTON! AHAHAHA!

    2. Okay, now, don’t go getting all teary and shit. Fuck! I’m sorry. I got a used tissue you can have. How ’bout a towel?

    3. Yeah, that was a pretty weak threat. Kinda like making Thor go to bed with a dildo up his ass as a punishment for fuckin’ up all the frozen weiners.

    4. Helping me build my muscle will strengthen you up. Works better than Shake-Weights and outweighs candy ass hammers too.

    5. I guess Thor’s boyfriend picked him up. They must’ve had a date with a package of Oscar Mayers.

    6. Lol and how am I helping you build your muscles?? 🙂 DAMN IT! I was going to use the ball park comment…you beat me to it!

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