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    1. @Amb… windshield wiper….mmmmmmmmmmm
      @Hora… so you are saying Ambrosia has a dick? Thats mean dude…

    2. yeah… I got that Hora… see… you said, I am what I eat… and if I wanna eat Ambrosia… see… if you called me a dick… then you must mean Ambrosia is a… DUDE, DO I HAVE TO DRAW A FUCKIN DIAGRAM HERE!?!

    3. You need a diaphragm. Place it in the back of your throat. It’ll help with that bloating problem you have with your stomach.

  1. I wonder if his name is Port? I went to high school in the ’80s in San Francisco with a Port Ennis. He was called Pork Anus by the school morons. The Port I knew looked like this guy. Maybe his son?

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