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  1. Looks like he pulled an all-nighter. Looks like he needs to get that little flask out of the drawer again too. Quickly.

    1. I’ll just lean over a piece of paper and trace around my boob. Sadly I don’t have a special Olympics medallion.

    2. Oh, you just busted my bubble. You’re way too young for me. Have you had sex yet?
      Please say you’re of legal age! Fucking FBI already has a file, man!

    3. but wait….that makes it sound like you are up in years…please dont tell me you qualify for medicare?? 😛

    4. @Ambrosia YES you can draw a big round Circle….. Just paint your Cunt and Ass-o with black paint and sit down…… 2 Completely Round Circle……….

  2. I dont understand why all fucking paintings of dudes in the air need to have them touching fingers, some fag deep down was imagining them sword fighting. He just couldnt reach their cocks because they are so fucking tiny.

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