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  1. his gurl huh? took him a week to see harmless comments from someone else so apparently he aint too damn worried about his gurls actions now is he??? lmao at his stupidity…seriously hope she dumped his dumb ass

  2. Look on the bright side, if he goes through with it and gets caught he’ll be the bell of the ball in county. ‘Yeah, come here Bieber bitch and sing me a high note.’

    1. I don’t know. Some queer.
      Would you snuggle with me? I’m scared of nasty old gay guys like “The Whore”.
      I bet “he” has a virjina, don’t you?
      Tell me a story about your genitals?

    2. haha I dont wear them and dont have your address πŸ™ I mean I can go find a random pair but there’s no guarantee what the condition will be.

    3. Hmm. That “no guarantee what the condition will be” statement was intriguing.
      What would it take to get them “worn” for a few days before they’re dropped in Over-Night-Express?

    4. Hmm…choices!…I’ll tell you what: You surprise me. Just send your signature scent. Just be nasty about it. Be very nasty.

    5. Hahaha you got it! Surprise you and no gunk on them… I’ll just mail it to Doralingis…should make it there wouldn’t you say?

    6. I am glad I scare you 2Dora… but stop wishing, I am not gay… You should actually be scared that your mommy will kick you, and your little Doraleous action figures, out of her basement… And Amb, Nice πŸ™‚ is he going to have to sneek you past his mommy to snuggle, or is he allowed to have friends over?

    7. Lol @Thor- πŸ˜‰ I never thought to get the details! Having to get permission would be such a pain in the ass though!

    8. Permission would probably only be the start.. not too mention the utter dissapointment of actually meeting 2Dora….

    9. Hehehe. Your “not that sensitive”? What happened to your sensitive spot? Got it chewed up in your bf’s Norelco razor?

    10. Ooooh, I guess we found out whos is sensitive as a little bitch, didn’t we? Besides, why the fuck are you YELLING?

    11. DUDE! THREE CAPPUCCINOS!?! I take back most of the shit that I said about you! ANYONE who can handle THREE cappuccinos, is a REAL MAN!

  3. Ambrosia youre such a whore. amd doralingis and 2lolo dont u idiots realize shes some fat whore sitting on the computer all night. u guys are embarrising me youre so desperate

  4. i like reading comments on stories and pics but you guys”dora n ambro” seriously need to get a “chat room” allways babbling on about something unrelated

    whata little punk this kid is , i bett all the gangs are trying to recruit this one

  5. @ DORA and Thor Hummer WHY are you fighting over Ambrosia?? Ambrosia will fuck anyone or anything but she more into being Gang Bang by 10 or more man or woman or dogs or horse or Baseball Bats…………..

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