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    1. The fail is that you are obviously american. You americans have small dicks, so you compensate that with guns.

    2. Be honest dude, the real reason you don’t want us to teach our daughters to shoot is because they can actually be able to defend themselves from douchebags like you. On the other hand, my daughter would still probably be able to kick your ass even without a gun.

    3. Well look who’s boyfriend just dropped them off… Let me guess… you’re not gonna back me up on this American thing, are you?

    4. At least our teeth aren’t so jacked up we can’t breath through our mouths..oh, and we have a violent crime rate 5 times lower than countries who have banned guns. Go suck a chav cock, punk.

    5. Gun toting and mouth breathing, yes Rob… but small dicked? I guess anything compared to Africa would be considered small dicked, but damn bro, that stung!

    6. I’m not quite sure what that even means… I am really trying to get the insult… but that is just one of the two options right? I mean, are mouth breathers smarter than nose breathers? What if someone is naturally a nose breather, then gets a sinus infections and is forced to breath through their mouth? I mean shit man, was it supposed to be an insult to confuse the fuck out of me?

    7. AHAHAHAHAHA! Fuck me! I had to actually google mouthbreather… hahaha ~ I guess I am a mouth breather, good one Rob. Look at you, all special, breathing through your nose! Good for you little fella!
      And @2Dora, at least I am not pussy repellent… I mean seriously man, did you actually tell Amb that you had to use a water hose on her cooch like a cow? Dude……….

    8. Heh! I was looking at the drunk chick while she was asking me questions, dude. I thought it was funny. Hell, are we all here to bump uglies or have fun?

    9. The only fail is Spokk, bending over, spreading wide and taking it up the arse from their government. And with no lube either.

    1. Serious… Only in America… You people seem to think that the world becomes a better place with guns. Wake up.
      and think objectively about this, try not to fall into the standard emotion: “I got the right to defend myself with a gun” thing. It is bull.

    1. Well, I don’t know how choosy you are, but there’s no use in beggin’. You’re not gonna look at it anyways.

      Thor? Wanna be my bitch? Let’s hear the velcro snap!

    3. You should really stop watching that show… or playing the game, or whatever the fuck it is…. Before you know it, you will be a 40 year old virgin that lives in your mothers basement… wait… too late?

    4. Don’t even try it Thuh-hora. Admit it. You’ve got mudflaps so big that the neighborhood boys shoot their BB guns at them.

    1. Yeah. We should teach 2 year olds to properly use a gun so that they can take the gun out while they’re home alone and show their friends. Good idea. Please don’t say it wouldn’t happen.

    2. No dude, we teach our kids how to properly handle and respect guns so they don’t pull it out in front of their friends, not knowing what the fuckin trigger does.

    3. How’s about forbidding the little retards from even looking at them until they’ve at least made it to puberty? Then they’ll have something else to worry about when their friends are over. Maybe their friends will be the opposite sex and not have to worry about their daughter going out with some dickhead named “Thor”, too.

    4. There is a huge fail here. He’s aiming it up at a high angle. Definitely not the proper technique you wanna teach the youth.

    5. Well how bout I use it on you! Pop the velcro doors and try out my new sawzaw. Bought it just for that purpose.

    6. Doralingis +1. People get real. Guns don’t kill, but there are plenty of people who do. If you don’t give these people a gun, they cannot…
      Sjeesj, how hard can it be

  1. the fail is how he’s making her hold it. Disturbing innuendos aside, it could kick right into her face.
    Also, a little small to be learning a handgun. Put a single-round shotgun under her shoulder and stand behind to catch her. Hilarious fun.

  2. I hope all your children become murderers and kill the children of your neighbors in school.

    Americans! that’s fun! :’D

  3. Thor: May your daughter really kick ass of 190cm 85kg man trained in ju-jitsu and muay thai? In close combat, she can’t do that even with the gun.

    1. Spokk, My daughter and I both train in BJJ, Muay Thai, Hapkido and MMA… In the world we live in, I think it is imperative for my daughter to be armed with as much knowledge and skill as possible… Also, I am her toughest grappling partner because I figure, if she can hold her own against me, roughly 200 pounds, she shouldn’t have a problem with the smaller guys.

    2. Thor, do you live in Afghanistan? Not a single person I know, has all these skills. And yet, they are all still alive. Also, none of the people has a gun. And yet, they are still alive.

      Not long ago we had a shoot out. A guy that had a gun for sports shooting. He went nuts and killed a few. Need I say more?

      No way you can convince me that having fire arms makes society safer or better. Control your hormones.

    3. Well Palm, I don’t need to convince you of anything. You are entitled to your own opinion of course. Most of the people who go through all of the hassles of obtaining and licensing a firearm legally, treat their weapon with respect. Most of the dumb asses that get them illegally do dumb shit with them.
      I guess there is something to say about dumb luck. You say not a single person you know has any skills or a firearm… Good luck when some lowlife tries to fuck with your family, but I guess being able to defend them isn’t that important, right?

    4. Spokk and palm, stop believing everything in the media.
      Spokk, no amount of any kind of martial arts training makes someone immune from a gun in close combat.
      palm, nothing about guns makes them any more dangerous than a variety of other tools and equipment. A lot of non-gun owners go nuts and kill people. A lot of “sane” people kill for big business to profit around the world.
      Don’t worry about the weapon, worry about the individual.

  4. These aren’t Americans, they’re Mexicans, obviously. And this is very much a fail. The slide will tear up her tiny hand if he actually fires it like that.

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