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    1. Considering you have called me that before Ill just assume you are talking to me…how old do you think I am???!! lol Im not even close to old OR senile. And Im very far from a hag. Is that what you’re into?

    2. No. A true gentleman never asks a woman her age.
      So, Amby, would you say your cunt size is small, medium, or other?

    3. Well, actually, the older you get the more control you gals seem to get on that luvin’ hug. I’ll have to say that…
      …Uh…just saying.

    4. Well, I call it a stage. The Kegel stage, maybe. At some point you girls like to start playing with ping-pong balls, cigarettes and maybe traffic cones. Don’t ask me to explain it. I’m just an observer…and always a willing participant.

    5. Hmm well I don’t plan to and haven’t experimented with any of those things! Lol it can be exciting minus traffic cones and cigarettes if you ask me! Oh and the ping pong balls…

    6. @Ambrosia Come on and be honest ….. Your a 55 years old SLUT.. You been fuck by man, woman, dogs, horse and Baseball Bats….

    7. Ambrosia: Please take this the right way, I am not saying this to hurt you.
      Don’t let them talk to you like that. Ignore those comments. In order for others to respect you, you have to do it first and the way to do it is not give importance to these types of insults.
      It’s not OK that they call you things like that, even if they are joking – trolling or whatever. If you laugh about it it will only give you the wrong type of attention and it will not stop, I assure you.
      And let me tell you this. These guys are probably very, very, very, very… (I am going to go ahead and say it again to make it even clearer) VERY ugly! AND/OR (The same amount of “verys”) sexist, meaning they do NOT deserve your attention.

      I can tell you are a smart girl and I doubt you are in your 50, you are probably even younger than me, so why bother trying to convince them?
      Forget them! Surround yourself with smart people, well-mannered and funny – the right kind of funny.
      I hope you didn’t take offence on what I said, I have the best intention.
      But if I happen to be mistaken and you enjoy this, then go ahead and continue doing it (I just sensed some anger in your written words, and with good reason, that’s why I even mentioned it), I am not going to judge you if that is the case, and if I did, you should not care about what a random stranger thinks about you.

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