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  1. if i’d just had a nightmare day at work for 14hrs straight and had to listen to that pile of wank on the way home from work i’d probably throw the stupid cunt out of the window, win my arse … meh..

    1. I’d be annoyed for a minute, but get into it the next 5. But if it went on for 10 more I’d get annoyed again.

  2. I love him. I think he’s incredible and I’d be ecstatic to have some free entertainment and laughter after a 14-hour day. You’re just a miserable, old cunt.

    1. I don’t have to ride a train…I have a car to get me where I’m going AND home from a long day at work…so your comment is irrelevant.

    2. Well I hope one day your car breaks down and you have to walk a couple of miles under the pouring rain. After you finally get on the train you realize that all the seats are taken and your too fat to be standing. Then this guy walks on and you turn into a prude and remember this comment.

    3. Unless you knew this lady why the fuck do you care about my comment? And thanks for the well wishes.

    4. @Ambrosia Don’t get mad a Cumingbag Steve, get even…… Open your legs and let him smell your pussy…… That will shut him up or kill him……..

  3. Must you blacks be annoying in every corner of the globe?
    Cripes…..the last place I want to hear ( or smell) an annoying black is on a mass transit line.

    1. shut the fuck up you racist bitch. This is not the 1800’s leave your racist bullshit off the internet cowardly bitch.

    2. It’s because of dumb fucks like RoccoL that phrases like “you blacks” even still exist. Shut the fuck up you moronic cunt and do the world a favor and refer to the first black man you see today as “you blacks” so they can carve a permanent smile from your left ear to your right. Oh, I mean, that wasn’t very nice RoccoL, everyone is a winner and gets a trophy kids, wouldn’t want to hurt your delicate feelings, fucking cunt.

  4. Very talented ! I like to do beatbox too and i’m not so bad. but when i see pro guys like him, i think ” i’m a piece of shit in beatbox “

  5. Sorry to butt in to everyone’s enjoyment here. But she’s using a delay/track recorder pedal/device. You can watch her do it. Not that she’s not good. But she’s not making every sound in real time.

  6. I love that guy! Sheldon, did you not see the white guy in the back laughing throughout the video? I guess not and you must be too ignorant to notice.

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