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  1. This picture is me!! You guys need to shut up cuz I look better than most of you bitches!!! Just remember that! I don’t even know how this picture got on here but btw Albert Im not Chinese you idiot! Im Mexican!!! Representin’!!! Haters gonna hate!! And also btw everyone does that face in their picture like on facebook so whats the problem now??? So fail to YOU HATERS!!!! HA!

  2. Ok that picture is of me and I don’t know how it even got up there but what I do know is that you haters need to shut da fuck up because I look better than all of you, especially people like that Kayla girl who said “someone please take the sharpie away from that duck”. I will beat your ass!!! And to Albert, I’m Mexican for your information not Chinese!!! Representin’!!!! You people are all just haters and that’s it!!! HATERS GONNA HATE!!!! And I’m gorgeous by the way and I actually got my eyebrows done by a professional!!! To all of you that’s hatin’….get a life!!! You people are idiots!! That’s all you’ll ever be!!! Your jealous cuz im hot and your so not!!! HA!! To to the first girl at the top that commented! What da fuck you mean whats up with these Mexican chicks??? Well I’ll tell you whats up chica!!! Me and my girls will jump!!! Just remember that wen you make smart little comments!!! And by the way to all of you pricks!!! That’s not sharpie muthafuckas!!! HAHA!!!! And I say this again…im gorgeous!!!

  3. Those comments from Moslovo(s) are obviously fake. Not fallin’ for it! Just a little too smart for ya’. By the way, the real girl in the photo still looks like she’s doing a fish look, or like she ate a raw grapefruit and her mouth puckered out. I always think that looks goofy when they do that.

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