Train Security Fail


People Fail

“In Stockholm, Sweden today, a commuter train got hijacked by a man working as a cleaner. He derailed and crashed into a house. FAIL. :)”

Submitted by Christer N.

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    1. Apparently the Norse are so trusting, it only takes one set of keys to start a giant train. All that’s required for such fun is one motivated crazy lady.

  1. Actually, this can go down as “Train Security Fail Caption Fail” – as the cleaner who took the train for a joyride was female, not male as the caption states…..

  2. Fun fact 1: The house in question apparently belongs to a singer who’s pretty famous in Sweden.
    Fun fact 2: It was not a male cleaner, but a woman…
    Fun fact 3: Luckily no one died. The people who lived in the house were even left completely unharmed but apparently the lady who somehow got her hands on the keys of the train suffered severe injuries.

    1. At the least he got them facts straight.. Ignorance is a fucking disease.

      Die you stinky phat-ass Disease, DIIIIEEEEEE!

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