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    1. Could be worse. The headline could read “I’m in love with 2lolo but we won’t wed … I’d cheat with other inbred trash.”

  1. Well, joke’s on her: From what I can see that statue seems to be a replica of the so-called “Adonis of Centocelle”, which – in spite of its name – is actually supposed to depict Apollo rather than Adonis.

    1. Oh no, my bad: The Adonis of Centocelle actually faces left while this statue faces right. It’s strange because the upper body seems to be virtually identical but at a closer look there’s a bunch of differences.
      I wonder about the sexual aspects though… I suppose the statues “gives great head” in the LITERAL sense…

    1. That’s one of the few statements you can make on the internet that most likely nobody will ever doubt or contradict.

    1. It’s in the American heritage dictionary. It’s a valid American variant, at least among some Southeastern Americans. Google n-grams shows it has sharply declined over the past 100 years in favor of ‘spelled’.

      I like writing ‘spelt’ especially as the participle, but everyone laughs and points.

      For the record, I’m no gramr-natzi though. I taught ESL and got really tired of being real proper and all.

  2. Think this is strange, there was a woman who said she was in love with the Berlin Wall, until it came down, then she transferred affections to a garden fence.

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