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  1. But wait, there’s more!
    Every block of cheese comes with four half steak knives and one whole meat cleaver!
    Why pay full the retail price of $9.95?
    All this could be yours for only four easy payments of $5.95 plus packaging and postage!

    1. Seriously Barlion. It has gone on long enough. Normally I ignore you, moron, but this is a comment section on the internet. Do you really have such a pathetic life that the highlight of your day is to come here and throw juvenile insults around? Most of which barely classify as English nor bare any resemblance to any spoken language in existence. Just give it up already.

    2. I know, right? What the fuck does he think this is? Some place to come on just to have fun and crack a few jokes? Man, some people! Doesn’t he understand that some people cannot properly cut cheese and that it is a serious handicap?

    3. ^makes Thor look like the petty sad one…

      And I agree with Barlion, those are shitty serrated steak knives. If you insist on using those to cut a giant cheese block, throw in a little sawing action.

    4. HAHAHAHAHA ~ before I crack on you Mr. Florp, this dipshit started with us on a different post. I think he has deep seeded mommy issues, or maybe wierd fantasies about 2Doro…

    5. Flop does have a point though. Some folks think they can buy knives for a penny and be able to cut the cheese with it?

    6. He probably has little bitch wrists and is not able to apply the proper pressure to cut cheese correctly.

    7. Heeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee Barlion…. Come out, come out wherever you are…
      Hey, Barlions Mommy, can Barlion come out and play? We promise we won’t give him back too wet and soiled…

    8. Maybe he needs a little man in a boat drawn on his cheese so he can make little circular motions around it with his semi-calloused middle finger?

    9. I wouldn’t be announcing it around women that you don’t get it. Your “studdliness” just dropped several points by stating it, already.

    10. Oh shit, I get it now… what confused me is that it was in reference to Barlion… and I thought he liked dicks… see, if you would have said me doing it, no prob… but that was a stretch… no wonder I didn’t get it, right?

  2. He needs a real cheese cutter. The cheese sticks to the side of a knife and makes it hard to slice.

    A cheese slicer uses a thin wire that slides easily through the cheese without getting hung up. Unless it’s something hard like a Parmesan, in which case a knife works pretty good.

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