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    1. Commenting rules are pretty complicated, but in short, since you agreed with Dora, yes, we all get to know what kind of panties you are wearing. A picture is also stated in the rule book.

    2. It even gets more detailed than that… Since you also agreed with Jules above, you have to personally deliver a pair to all commentors named “Thor”… Then you have to ignore all commentors nicknamed “Dora the Explorer”… Hey, I don’t make the rules…

    3. Lol Ok so…wow this is getting complicated…let me write it all down! Anything else I should know?? I’m going to assume you are the only Thor…at least I hope so because I’m not personally delvering all my damn undies.

    4. I am indeed the one and only Thor. No worries, there is a clause in the fine print… If you don’t want to deliver the panties, you can leave them and home and just bring what was inside them. For this clause to be in effect, you must leave the bra at home as well….

    5. Sorry. I had a service outage…
      I feel it’s safe to say that while a cockblocker will have the audacity to cut his opponent’s internet service, the aforementioned cockblocker will rush to his pc to maximize his cockblocking efforts.
      I just wonder if any other “male” out there can relate to my plight? Certainly no Uhmericans are expected to stand up, so you’re all excused, anyways.

    6. First, you have to have a cock to block bro… and second, One might question why you put male in quotations…”male”….

    7. You’re telling me that you have no cock?
      I thought we discussed earlier that I suspected you of having cat tongue textured, velcro lined, labia minora; did we not?
      BTW; side note; Please go to Wikipedia and check Labia minora: Pretty good batin’ material in my opinion. Heh!

    8. Fuckin great! One of my co-workers came in my office when I had that wiki pic on my screen… Sexual harassment training, here I come again!
      Thats what you bate to? You should look up Jayna Oso on youporn… much better than the old national geographics of Africa…

    9. No, but maybe Amb will let me take a pic of hers so that you can see what a real one looks like… Fuckin sad bro, your only experience is with wikipics and lady palm…. I am sorry to hear that…

    10. You know that is REALLY weak, knowing Ambrosia is uncomfortable about talking to me personally in a sexual sense because I’m so intimidating. Especially, since I’m such a cockster, anyways.
      So,…can we agree to share the photos with each other when one of us finally gets the pussy pics?

    11. SSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!! Quiet the fuck down! If they know we are going to share them, they won’t let us take them!

    12. Bullshit. Trust me. Why do they try so hard? You sound like the conventional opiniion that they don’t like to do it. That’s what women like for us to believe.
      Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to? Some queery ass saint?

  1. I didn’t expected this driver not to stop LoL. The boy seemed like not the first time for him, he just ran to the sidewalk and kept running, Forrest, run!

  2. I think the driver was shocked that the little tyke pulled a Usain Bolt and like any real man he went into, “you’re not beating me to the crazy motorcycle bitch” mode.

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