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  1. I think you need to sort out your anorexia bitch instead of trying to be a sheboon.

    The real sheboons will tear you apart.

  2. Some things just aren’t for white people! And no smart comments because I’m not racist. But Eminem and Mac Miller are the exception.

    1. I know a lot of very talented white rappers but lets be honest that shit was awful if u cant rap then dont be it a white black yellow purple or green race dont mean shit but smart people know if u cant do somethin then dont fuckin do it this bitches retarted

    1. yep, she sounds like someone on meth or coke. thinks she’s talking all deep and philosophical. We’ve all been there (?)

  3. i dont know why all you guys are hating on her cause she is skinny who cares? maybe she does have a problem so how about you make it more apparent that she is skinny you dont think she knows? She said it like 5 times … just saying cause i mean she obviously doesnt have rapping skills so make fun of two things that are quiet obvious. that makes you really smart…

  4. First she needs to eat someting ASAP, then she needs to learn how to sing. Maybe when she ate someting her reactions and sound becomes normal.

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