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  1. Epicfail, lets talk about what is funny: Guy being spat on by a llama, funny. Duck face girls, not so much, but acceptable. People falling, funny. 2lolo getting raped by a mob of rabid, angry baboons, hilarious. A man being tortured, abducted and killed over something as pathetic as being late delivering a fucking pizza, not funny. Not funny at all. Take this down.

    1. fuck you u dont run this site. stop your bitching. comment fail…..your a tard who probably delivers pizzas….die

    2. i agree. this totally wasnt funny at all. none the least. if you think this is funny your on the wrong site. I tend to gravitate towards dark humor. There is no humor here.

    3. I completely agree, I was looking for a way to report this. It’s appalling, there’s no fail involved, just sickening violence.

    4. @kolespace: Please learn english. I doubt you even have the level of education required to deliver pizzas. You are obviously quite angry at “Rednecks suck” for his/her comment but does it really warrant a death wish? Kolespace, I would say your comment is an anger management fail.

    5. With the “Anger management fail” title I thought this was funny. As Homer Simpson said “It’s funny because I don’t know him.”

    6. epic fail is all about wrong stuff. putting this stuff on epic fail is wrong. that’s why it’s on epic fail.

    7. Someone got KILLED… HAHAHAHA

      no. this is terrible and unfunny. kolespace and this post make the internet a more undesirable place.

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