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    1. The only thing bothering me is why anyopn would uplaod this? Just to feel better about themself? If she wants to be a slut then she should be. This should be illigal just uploading video’s without someone promiision ( isn’t it actually? ), also very, very bad narratibing. I would seriously say something to make them stop filming, worst case scenario I would take the cellphone of camera and throw it in to the crowd.

  1. Large ass poster.. why not just a “girl fail” ?

    Some of us have an education, we can tell the defrence.

    I hope ur ass get so big it will consume you.

    1. It was a white girl because she’s white if she was Asian or black it would of said the same as far as the coon comment your ignorant but continue to spread your ignorance

  2. The young lad was enjoying it and he didn’t like being filmed, but couldn’t find the courage to say anything to the cameraman. I bet it was one of those intimidating coloured people I have heard about.

  3. Just a bunch of haters, minding everyone else business but their own. This would be a Not Giving A Fuck Win, as far as I’m concerned.

  4. The girl behind the camera is way too annoying. It’s just 2 drunk and horny kids grinding on each other. Not much of a fail here.

  5. Haha! I think they were probably drunk because obliviously they weren’t embarrassed…and the girl recording???? How mean and idiotic can you be???

    1. black people fail in general……….oh and waiting for the comment…….oh well i wont be back on this page to see if anybody decided to waste their time replying back, so anyone who anyone who replys on my commemt or miss spelled words or punctuations i dont give a fuck i said what i said lol fuck u all

  6. I saw a funny post today where a black girl said “white girls always trying to be black,” really? Hmmm last time I saw its the black chics wearing fake hair that don’t look nothing like their own putting in some light colored contacts. I have never in my life heard of a white girl asking to get some short nappy hair on her head and black contacts in her eyes.

    1. The narrator sounded like a wigger to me. How did this commentary suddenly turn into a racist discussion of how black people are a failure when it was called white girl fail only because that fat girl was trying to grind up on that guy like she was black. All of you who made a racist comment about black people deserve to get whipped in the back, u bunch of prejudiced inbred hicks

    2. So Toots mcgoots, what your saying is this girl is trying to be black cause shes acting like a slut? Thats racist,you deserve to get whipped

    3. by the way, no one wants to be black, except those random white ppl who want to be black….and if u havnt noticed they seem to have a few screws loose. So get over yourselves

  7. I’m sure the guy just had a boner and he could only hide it with that girls ass and if she moved everyone would see his boner so he let her keep going.

  8. fuck that bitch recording ….shes says i want on waht shes on…that dudes dick..fuckin idiot i would have punched the bitch talking

  9. The horrible dancing makes more sense when you notice the 9mm gun in his other hand.
    There is no explanation for the narration, it goes from “Burn!” to “Shut the fuck up already” within 30 seconds.

  10. Just b*tches being b*tches. Jealousy is an ugly thing. Nigs arent the only ones who can grind. and maybe thats how he likes it. Ida knocked a bitch out.
    And on a side note, WTF is with people commenting on other grammar?? Really? WHO GIVES A SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! “,.JKshjtinfks.//pf

  11. Its funny when black people try so hard to make white people look stupid. This video is such a stretch to make that cute girl look dumb… not even the white girls trashy moves can compare to this trick’s desperate attempt to put them down! hahaha

  12. its not a wonder why 70% of black women are single. the other 30% have a cheating man or aids…. its because you sound like such a bitch and look like a monkey w a weave!

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