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    1. Thats about all I understood from your statement. That it’s a she. What the fuck were you trying to say? Try again with some coherency.

    2. Could be a guy, looks like a fucking tattoo a woman would get more than a man but whatever!! We will go with a man got a tattoo of a garter and a tattoo gun on his hairy ass thigh. Lol

    3. Hey METHOS and POOPR
      Try reading comprehension 101. Perhaps your feeble little minds can’t insert a comma where Willow left it out so I did it for you. Try reading that same sentence now dumbasses,

      “Although its not a tattoo I would ever get, the work isn’t bad. But she seriously needs to shave her legs!! Yuck!”

    4. @nucklehedd: I wasn’t referring to the first comment, Captain Obvious. No amount of commas could save that very last sentence.

    5. Blondes dont have to shave their legs, maybe trim their vadge a little. Its kind of like saying no to a used shelby cobra, they are way too in demand.

    1. It looks like the leg of a 40-50 year old woman or a slim guy. Thats what sun damage looks like I guess. The well drawn tattoo is an ugly tattoo that only makes the leg look worse imo.

  1. “she seriously has to shave her leg” dummass, don’t you know that blond girls don’t shave the entire leg in order not to get dark hair when it comes back, in Europe many girls do that and men don’t think it’s a problem because thay have other preocupations like talking about intersting things, and fuck without a zoom…

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