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  1. Hey, Dude! I don’t know if you’re already doing this, but this would be a great stand-up routine! Very funny and well delivered. And, on a personal note, you have gorgeous teeth!! Well wishes from an old broad…

  2. The Gaussian curve of IQ… Sometimes you have to stand up and voice your concerns over those people’s ability to handle their web communication without becoming a liability to their families and friends. Anon rocks!

  3. geez, I can’t stop wondering where that $38 got her numbers from… even if you save $3800 a week that doesn’t add up to 1 million in three years… Oh well, no use wondering at all, I guess…

  4. he was very funny and I enjoyed it but the tweet about the Menorah and Ladkes and the dradle song- there is nothing wrong with that. That is exactly what people who celebrate Judaism do for Channukah

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