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    1. @militarymind – holy fuck man, I don’t think i could hear anything funnier than what you said. Thanks for making my day lmao.

  1. I hear those door greeter jobs at Walmart are strenuous, so it’s a good thing you’re working up your physique. MAAAWWWWWWWMMM!! HEWWWPPP! .. Prat.

  2. This is what bothers me about “Internet Atheists”, they complain about how theists don’t make even a passing attempt at understanding reality and then go and make ignorant statements like this one that don’t make even a passing attempt at understanding the theist’s reasoning.

    Here’s the detail that the text forgets: theists believe in “free will”. They weren’t praying for god to change the ballots or the numbers in computers totaling the votes, they were praying for god to enlighten the heathens and give them the wisdom to choose “the right guy”. The thing is that, though god could’ve changed their minds as easily as a computer nerds changes his desktop wallpaper, he chooses not to because the “free will” thing. So even if god could have changed the outcome of the election, he thought that allowing the humans the freedom to choose wrongly was more important than having the “right guy” at president. So it’s not about god being all powerful or not, it’s about god knowing the difference between “can”, and “should”.

    And FYI, I’m an atheist, just not an Internet Atheist. (And no,

    1. Hey sometimes you just can’t contain your excitement! AHHHHHH!! But maybe just a little bit…what are you excited about anyways!?!?!? Lol

    2. Well, your remark made me visualize me rubbing my thingamajig up and down between your doohickeys’ mudflaps, but I’d never say that here on the internet. There should be an app for that, btw.

    3. Lol I had no idea you knew all the scientific names!?! An app for what?? Saying it? Or doing it? I’m at a loss as to how the second one would work…but… 😉

    4. Well, both, I think. Email me some doohickey photos and I’ll take some thingamajig photos and I’ll make a program for us to say things and get a visual representation of it happening while we say it. Watta ya think?

    5. Taking awhile to answer. You’re not diddling yourself while reading my comments, are you? That would be so embarassing to me.

    6. Because…uh…gentlemen get embarassed over shit like that?…I think…I hear?…Yes?…No?
      Just tell me that you were so’s I can finish batin’, myself, okay?!

    7. Well, a webcam would show you how my thingamajig looks like a tube of pressed together raw bacon after “chatting” with you! Are you ready for that shit?

    8. Well, with a little bit of “bacon grease” you could experience something new, don’t ya think?

    9. Bet there are alot of folks that are not gonna go and have their usual Bisuit and Gravy at Hardee’s tomorrow morning.

    10. Just tell me: Was your maidenhead damaged by a fuckwit in Junior High or did you do most of the damage yourself…to yourself?

    11. Lol…So one time I…..and then I….and I was like….and then I put it….YOUR WELCOME! 😀 hopefully that’s detailed enough!

    12. @Ambrosia Did you hear that “POP”… That was Dora Balls….. Now you can call Dora “No HUNG Low”…….

    13. Sure ok. Whatever the hell that means! You are a balls expert aren’t you 2homo? After all, you and your brother take turns playing with each others constantly.

    14. 2lolo is like the little fucktard of a brother that loves to aggrevate the hell out of you when you have a date over “studying”.

    1. People serious about body building are serious about showing out, though. People serious about working out never come close to this shit.

    1. *It happens only in Uhmerica*. Don’t fuck up the English language. The Brits do a fine job of that already.

    2. @DudeTits Did you get your Sex Change??? Dora will love to fuck you…… She willing to fuck Ambrosia…..

  3. And thats why you never close the Ends when benching alone. With open Ends on the Bar he could have just let the weights fall off on one side. Stupid Idiot !

  4. Did that once. Scary as hell. I eventually rolled it down my body onto my lap. I learned the importance of not having clasps on the end of the bar when you dont have a spotter.

  5. dumbass. thats why you always have a spotter, or if not dont clip the weights on the end so you can turn the bar and the weights fall off

  6. First Mistake: Being Born
    Second Mistake: Using that bullshit sand filled weight set with that stupid little bar
    Third Mistake: Not dropping it on his neck and killing himself.

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