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    1. *Sci-fi panties*. That’s some code shit I heard Spock say to Kirk one time…or something similar.

    2. Haha Mentioning Star Trek made me think of William Shatner…which made me think of him doing the song Rocketman! Seen it??

    3. Lol I know! I always wanted to know who the hell came up with the idea?? Ok get up on a stage in a tux and be creepy and fucking weird the entire time you kind of sing/talk through this song!

    4. You should listen to Leonard Nimoy sing that Hobbit/Bilbo Baggins song. I think I’d rather listen to the Shat.

    5. Better be careful. Shit like that will “phase” you in and out of different dimensions and have you shooting up movie theatres.

    6. I didn’t overdose like you almost did. I only watched three birthing videos after my Nim/Shat experience. What were your side effects?

    7. Lol you’ve watched these birthing videos too!!?? There are other ways to see cooch without a baby popping out of it!

    8. Yeah, but you don’t get to see them stretched like that unless you pick up a traffic cone. Besides; it’s only weird the first time.

  1. I canĀ“t understand the “Fails” on this site anymore,what a waste of time…i just listened the whole shitty song waiting for the Fail, Fuck that guy and fuck the uploader of this video.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. If these two fugly people can find each other in this great big world, i still have hope.

  3. If someone sang in my face like that, regardless of who they were, I would instinctively punch their fucking teeth out. So irritating.

    1. No shit! I was watching her the whole time thinking, “How the hell do you hide your ‘cringe’?”

    2. HA! Yeah really….it’s just fucking weird to talk much less sing directly into someone’s face like that. I’ll pass on being saranated..thanks.

    3. I’d do better keeping a straight face while being “marinated” in snot than being “saranated” this badly.

    4. If you want to give him credit where it’s just not due, then say “indirectly” if you like. But I think you should be aware that if you give him any positive feedback, he may wind up on several days worth of birth videos…”And we would miss him”.

  4. Oh! That poor girl! She is SO embarrassed. He can’t sing, and she is trying her best to sit though the whole thing without cringing. XD
    How could he think this was a good idea?
    “I know! I’ll film her reaction as I hold her face and horribly sing and then upload it to the net!!”

    When he pauses his song for a kiss I almost threw up. Soo bad.

  5. That is the cutest thing ever!!! HOW CAN THIS BE A FAIL??!?! It is so beautiful i hope i have a beautiful relationship like they do one day.

  6. This brought tears to my eyes. I love the fact that two very ugly people (not trying to be mean, just stating the truth) can be so in love. I love the way he gently rubbed her white cheeks (again, not trying to be mean) and made her feel speacial. <3

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