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  1. That’s pretty. It’s also a felony to deface money, according to United States Code Article 18. By displaying this picture, the owner of this website becomes an accessory after the fact to a crime. Knock knock. Who’s there? The FBI, motherfucker, this ain’t no joke.

    1. USC A.18 is only inforced if the defacing is in such way as to alter the true value of the currency I.E. atempting to change the value of a $1 bill into a $5 bill or removing material from a coin so as to lighten the weight causing the value of the material to be less then the face value

    1. I doesn’t matter about the defacing law anyway. Freedom of expression, and fair comment law, will trump any defacement charge since the law requires intent to render the currency unusable. Where there is no intent, there is no breach.

    2. @danR, this piece of currency would be considered useless by a court because one of the serial numbers is missing a good portion.

    1. True…just don’t fucking ask me how I like the weather or what I do in my spare time…I’ll have to punch you in the mouth…lol and no icy hands damn it!!

    2. Oh? The gynecologist pulls the dentist routine? Does he have all kinds of shit in your mouth when he asks these “calming” questions too?

    1. In most parts of the Uh.S. it’s illegal to buy/sell sex. That’s why the Uhmerican dollar is not worth a fuck.

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