How To Understand Women Win



If you’re an adult male and still trying to understand women, just read this short novel by 12-year-old Cem below. He seems to have it all figured out.

Submitted by Angela D.

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  1. women like pretty things, attractive people. To women, first you have to catch their eye, they will settle for just that if you do. If you are not attractive, they will hint you to death that they don’t want to be with you for example “I have to go to school, I can’t” “Oh I didn’t see the text you sent 10 times the past week.” “I fell asleep.” you can also tell by their smiles, if its a grin or a little chuckle, you don’t amuse her, she is just rejecting you in the nicest way possible yet you seem to think she likes you so you keep trying. If her smile is cheek to cheek and laughs hysterically at everything you say even if its not funny, shes all yours. If she bothers you alot aswell, shes yours.

    1. You are only half right. If the guy is not attractive, he needs money to buy her shiny, pretty things. Looks only matter if you don’t make much money. If you are ugly, get to making money if you want chicks. It’s pretty simple.

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