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  1. I don’t think it’s drinking-and-driving that gets you. I think it’s the reaching-for-your-drink-while-doing-a-bong-and-driving that does you in.

    1. I think it’s the concussive force from impacting the ground that gets you. The rest is just foreplay.

    2. Yeah. You’re probably right. Women do have their way of determining the “correct time” for foreplay, don’t they? But, you know what?…I say that if their concussive force to my pelvis is no big deal to them, then apparently my cuncussive blow to their cervixes is not such a big deal either. I say: they make up alot of shit to whine about.
      Oh…wait…We’re talking about driving what now?

    3. Should I take another Viagra so that I get that special glow or aura around it? And where do I email the pic?

    4. @Dora How did Ambrosia Rotten Dead Fish Pussy Taste???? I see that you’re still alive… I hope you didn’t get HIV????

    1. Well, those two weren’t laughing. They just sounded…interested.

      “Hey here comes a car.”
      “Yup. Allah smack-car huh?”
      “Yup. Fulla smack. Poppy season. Coming in from Afghanistan huh?”
      “Hey going over the cliff. There were 2 guys. Only one got out.”
      “What a pity, gone; too bad.”
      “Yeah, poor guy.”
      “I meant the smack.”

    2. And the Darwin Award goes to… !
      Sometimes, see how stupid people act (even if they die of their stupidness) is funny.

  2. A deadly – or MOST LIKELY fatal – video on EpicFail? Wow… are the admins trying to make up for all the other crap videos they’ve posted before? Sweet posts today XD

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