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  1. This is not a tmi fail at all. Facebook is for friends and family, and you should be able to share things like this with them. This is a husband fail. As for the person who submitted this, you fail also.

    1. K well use some common sense like everyone else and assume that the grammar and language is part of what makes this a facebook status fail

    2. The grammar isn’t part of a status fail, because the status post is not a fail, as far as I am concerned. Like I said previously.

    3. Also the grammar fail is from the text she quotes from, not her herself. Therefore it is not a grammar fail, see the grammar from during the text quote and after, there will be a noticibly large difference

    4. This is a fail because:
      1. her Writing those things proves she is imature and probably insecure since she feels the need to say them to feel good about herself.
      2. She contradicts herself. First they didn’t have sex, next they do all the time…???
      2. Her grammar sucks and she expresses herself like a teenager.

  2. Yeah, found her in just 10 secs. Because of her photos and what she says, I can guess she is just a very plain redneck and white-trash. She even dropped from FIRST semester of college (just after graduating from HS) because of her SECOND PREGNANCY!! OMG

  3. That was the person that RECEIVED the text and posted it for everyone to see, not the retarded scud who wrote it out.

    I’d definitely tap that ass.

  4. I’d imagine for the people that know her, this is just another day of being friends with her on Facebook. I doubt this is the first time or last time she will post crap like this. As for the husband I’d kick him in the balls, throw his shit out and send him on his way! Lol

    1. @Ambrosia STOP LYING!!!!!!!!! You been take any man into your bed….. Sometime you take a woman or an Animal…. YES It is Hard to be a lonely person…. But someday after you get rid of your bad smelling pussy someone will fuck you….

  5. Please someone explain to me the last sentence. I’m french and I don’t get the meaning of it, so I don’t get how funny it is 🙂 (yeld her and encouraged her to … )

  6. Her husband and other girl: self-projection fail.

    “I’m nothing new in his life”
    I know what that means. They were “friends” since high-school, she’s his free slut. Whenever he wants, he stops by, says some nice things, and gets his free fuck and then leaves for another girl (Tosha was the most recent).
    She better enjoy this pimp now, he’s gonna be out of her hair soon and into someone else, and she’s going to have to take that like a paid slut because she has no self esteem.

    The only bad thing that could happen to our smooth pimp-husband is that he meets a girl that he doesn’t just want for sex and actually loves, but realizes he doesn’t know how to express love or stop fucking around. If he’s a tool and can’t deal with it, he’ll start to hate himself, and turn gay eventually.
    (not saying that’s how gay people are made, I’ve just seen this type of thing before)

  7. haha found her on facebook aparnetly she dropped out of school and she’s preggo with a kid and she still is very classy like that lol

  8. Apparently one of those “grown-up” things to do isn’t learning to spell. Doesn’t the home wrecker realize she looks like a idiot, bitch if he cheated on his wife with that cunt. It’s only a matter of time before he does the same thing to her. The wife is better off with out those two scumbags. Cheating on your spouse is one of the biggest scumbag asshole thing anyone can do.

  9. Sorry to bust this bitches bubble…but I would NEVER put that shit on FB or ANYWHERE else for that matter. My ex husband’s jealous ass EX girlfriend posted this from a new page she created. Paige Gaydos, if u are that in secure with ur ugly skank ass…please stop putting me at the top of ur priorities

  10. Justin Rodriguez and I are still married. We were married in October of 2006 and we have 2 children together. A wonderful 6 year old little boy and a beautiful 5 year old little girl. It would make absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever for me to post something like this. Lol. Paige Gaydos (somehow) managed to manipulate a post to look like it came from me! Lol…no self respecting female would EVER post something to degrade herself like this. My husband slept with her for like 2 months and apparently she thought she was special. Another thing…. being that the post implies that I’m jealous and want my husband back…why would I black out my married name? I would have blurred out my maiden name and left RODRIGUEZ to make a point that I have his last name! JS!

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