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  1. Total self-projection fail.
    Two miserable people that hate themselves, and don’t get enough attention, love to write shit like that when they get moody. It’s a projection of the pain they feel.
    I feel sorry for the poor girl that had to deal with these losers.

    Ironically, the “I’m nothing new in his life” part speaks at lot of them both.

    She’s been his “friend” for awhile now.
    He got tired of her eventually, and got with other girls, which led to Tosha girl up there.

    A little after, he got tired of her too, and got back with “projection” girl there for a free fuck.

    You might think he’s smooth and knows what he’s doing, but actually he really doesn’t. I’ve seen this shit happen before.

    He’ll dump “projection girl” when someone comes along that he really likes, à la a mature smart woman.
    But suddenly he’ll find out he’s not so smooth. He finds out that he can’t express true love, and only knows how to fuck around and get into trouble. He’ll just hurt the girl he truly loves and become guilty and whiny.

    Long story short, most likely he’ll eventually turn gay.

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