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  1. he is trying to promote “easy access awareness”…just wait til he bends over for those bag of chips on the bottom shelf.

  2. Damn it, we should not have bought those slaves from Africa back in the day. We would not be having to put up with this homo advertising shit.

  3. I would love to punch this fucking idiot in the face..How do they even get the pants to stay up when they are that low??

    1. @Ambrosia Why do you want to punch his face?? After all you Lick his Ass… That’s Finger Fuck FRED…… Tell me he didn’t FART in your face???

  4. At least he’ll be dead in a few short years.
    Gunfire over scuffed sneakers, stabbing at a b-day party, HIV/AIDS…cops…you name it.
    It’s inevitable with these people and I’m quite content knowing such.

    1. Mya… must be yet another uppity type.
      You know the kind of obnoxious- in your face-stinky ass hair weave wearing black chick who screeches “ray-sis” at every turn.
      Now go get your Obama phone and let the adults talk here.

    2. Actually I’m not uppity or obnoxious! I’m quite the opposite! I’m actually smart and shy and I make good grades in school!! Also, never in my life have I had that disgusting weave stuff in my hair and I don’t plan to because I actually have long and healthy hair which I take care of. And yes, I am a full African American which some people wouldn’t agree because I’m light-skinned and I don’t have an Obama phone…whatever that is but I do know that I have a decent middle class family. And I also might take your advice and “let the adults talk here” since I’m only 14 after all. Thank You!!:)

  5. i think it looks pretty good… plus i only date black guy’s anyway because im a total fucking whore and dont want to give white guys std’s

  6. We see this so much because apes aren’t used to wearing clothes. Whoever keeps dressing them like people needs to attach their clothing more securely.

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