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    1. Not much different than here in the UH.S., really. But most guys don’t bitch about the price of pussy like you, Cumbag.

    1. 😉 eh…that’s the second time he’s insulted me then followed it up with a bullshit fake compliment….bipolar maybe??

    2. Fuckin’ Beef Arse. I intentionally left Cumbag Sleeve a gimme and he didn’t jump on it fast enough. He probably had to think about it for a coupla days before answering, anyway.

    3. I think Beef Arse may be one of those goofy Brits. He’s masquerading as a fuckwit Uhmerican, though. I think.

    4. I see how you moved the ‘shoot off’ to the beginning so that it’s all in chronological order so that you appear more attractive. Doesn’t work. Everybody still looks at you as a cumbag.

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