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  1. Actually it tastes pretty good lol taking a picture of the food makes it look worse than it does in reality. Chili spaghetti isn’t the same around the world, Cincinnati style chili tastes a great deal different than chili found elsewhere so you can’t judge it until you’ve tried it.

    1. @Fury Someone is a little homophobic, perhaps you say that only to hide the fact that you dream about it nightly?

  2. cheese and chili on spaghetti is really good but when you buy it from a store its not as good unless you get it from the resturant. I just don’t understand why people buy it boxed from a store when they can go out and get it. cheese and chili on spaghetti is called a three way. People in cincinnati are use to 3ways, 4ways and 5 ways.

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