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    1. then the tranny woke up from her dream of doing those things to me and raped methos, badjuju kyle, magalyn, scuba steve, ambrosia and cosmicdebris in the asses and cumm’d in all their mouths and made them eat his shit

    2. “then the tranny woke up from her dream” so your saying that its a butch lesbian!!! you fucking failed big time idiot!!

    3. Cumm’d? Really you fucking idiot? Cumm’d? You’re not only a failure on here, you’re a failure at LIFE. Good day!

  1. Remember that snotty kid from the Toyota Highlander commercials? This is him 38 years from now when mommy and daddy stopped caving to the whims of a 7 year old. He didn’t take it too well.

  2. If this is your “Dad”, then I’m sorry to announce that your “Dad” takes dick in every orifice that he can take it. Sorry.

    1. Oh..okay. Sorry. I thought gay guys turned you women on…So, I figured that really, obviously, gayishly, gay guys really opened the Viagra Falls of female sexuality. No?

    2. Lol I’ve never had a gay guy turn me on or found them sexy…sooo I don’t know about that…I’ll take em straight thank you!

    3. Good for you! Though I’ll have to guess that it’s really getting hard to know whether you’re dealing with a “straight” guy or not. Especially with them all beggin’ for doo-doo on their dicks. Just curious, but do you ever get a guy, nowadays, that pumps the right hole; at least accidently, that is? Do guys, nowadays, even know that the vadge is the place to be? With all the anal porn, I assume that’s a major problem. Just sayin’.

    4. Heh! Well yeah…I guess it happens to the best of them but I don’t get why if you’re with a woman that’s something that would want to be tried multiple times….seeeemmmsss like the vadge would be your main interest! Lol 😉

    5. I know, right? But check out the majority of porn nowadays! What is it with the anal shit? I mean, I have to go to the “female friendly” sites to catch some good cunnilingis! What the fuck?

    6. Well, I have to admit I’m not all that “female friendly”, but I do know where the good stuff is.
      It’s just that those sites have some really gay music that you have no chose but to mute, ya know? Where is the Nazareth, Hair of the Dog music?

    7. I say just get rid of the music altogether that shit gets annoying! Lol not that I’ve watched alot of porn….because I haven’t….

    8. A lot of women love anal sex and have orgasms that are different to vaginal orgasms. If a woman is normal and gets a thrill out of anal she makes damn sure that the area is as clean as possible. If not then I won’t put my tongue up there. (Just cock with condom.)

    9. If a woman is “normal”? Someone can not like a dick up the ass and still be normal you dumb ass! If they like it then good for them but not all women do, clean or not and some women simply don’t orgasm from anal sex! So go on anal whore no one asked you’re opinion!

    10. Ambrosia I didn’t realise I needed to wait to be asked to reply to a comment you or one of your sleazy cunt “friends” made. You jump in and reply to every comment they make when all they want is to have pics of your twat, and have as much respect for you as a rapist has. I said if the woman is normal she will make sure her arse is clean for the guy who is going there. If she is some tramp then she won’t care, understand? You not understanding what I said is probably because I wasn’t talking like a horny teenager thats clearly not good in bed.

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