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  1. @Thor Hummer Here is your Chance of a Life time.. Ever Hum a Lion?? Well it a Lab a Dodo…. Ah.. The Dodo part got you creaming in your pants…

    1. @Ambrosia Whenever you take a shit….. Dora is in the next room Peeping and Jacking Off…. Or was it Thor Hummer???? All Fags look alike to me…..

  2. Daybreak is corny, cheesy, non-news shit, with the most bland presenters on earth, for middle class fat cum sluts “more news on that vitamin c story on the website…” Good Morning America looks even worst. You’d go to work pissed off looking at that in the morning.

    1. OMG Exactly!!!!! A baby lion doesn’t even have a mane. A baby lion looks soooo diferent!! Dumb people… :-/

    2. I’m Uhmerican and have to put up with the fuckwits. Look at the politicians and political propaganda that Uhmericans fall for. Cut us some fuckin’ slack! Please?

    3. You seem to have neglected the basic principles of entertainment. What you heard was the highlights reel and it is unlikely that these were the “average American.”

      Let me clarify. There may have been thousands of callers, however since it is not entertaining to hear clips of people calling in a loose dog, those sound clips were eliminated. This is called streamlining, and as I mentioned earlier is a basic principle in entertainment.

    4. @Dudebro you seem to think that people in the entertainment business are more skilled and more deserving of respect. Are you in the entertainment business?

    5. I am most certainly not in the entertainment business and hold it with little regard. That said, even a fucking retard could screen calls for a television report — a concept that p51d007 overlooked.

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