Prince Harry Impersonator Win



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    1. This kid is obviously not an idiot I dought he was trying to bang gross hookers looks like he stuck young girls and not everyone in that age group has an STD well I guess where you come from they do which is why you are all butthurt and jealous of this ginger getting more play than you ever have

    2. They do seem extremely similar, don’t they? I was half expect that little bitch dora the explorer to answer my comment.

    3. Well I believe Dora/Fred is actually one of those bull dyke lesbians and everyone knows that all gays & lesbians worship Gaga as their goddess. Though it may be possible, still its highly unlikely he would choose such a name for himself.

    4. We were having a philosophical and religious debate on your upcoming name change. Question: are you gonna be using any material from the new Gaga album?

    5. Similar writing style to that little bitch Dora? Fuck that! I am not a fricken little anti American pussy bitch!

  1. Seriously, unless he was carrying around news clippings with pictures of Harry, I doubt any of those bar-fleas would know he looked anything like the prince. Congrats on sleeping with a bunch of ‘ladies’ who would have slept with you without the gimmick.

  2. I can just hear the dumb bitches now. “OMG, girl, you’ll never guess who I fucked! Prince William!!!” “Dumbass, that was an impersonator. Prince William is in Afghanistan killing Taliban dickheads.” “…..I’ve been raped!”

    1. are you some sort of massive dickhead or what? considering the title of this page is prince harry impersonator win… and then you have the cheek to call people dumb. Prince Harry was in Afghanistan until recently but has now returned home.

  3. Shut up Fred/Dora. I am not jealous of him but I do think that the kind of US birds in that picture fucking stink and are infected to high heaven.

  4. OMG this is so obviously shopped! I mean really obviously shopped. I’m sure this ploy would work with unintelligent women, or those who are rather on the loose side to begin with, but this is so fake it’s almost laughable. Look at the lines around the “impersonator’s” face you can see how badly shopped it was, so though this is a pretty good idea if you look like the ugly prince, this story is a fake one. Men resume feeling superior to this dude.

    1. It looks like they used the same face of Harry’s in both pics, slightly altered though. The Sport do it for a laugh, they don’t give 2 fucks about being truthful or professional… Many times in the past I bought the Sport because it said on the front page “go to page … to see some famous bird in a compromising position” etc but there was nothing on that page about it at all. A good portion of the Sunday Sport used to be taken up by something called “At the courts”, which was just reports about rape and sexual attacks, but made out to be sexy. It was seriously messed up and vile and something I always never read. But the paper was also very funny and Shaun Ryders page on a Friday was my favourite of any newspaper of all.

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