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    1. Not true, my son did the same thing with my wifes labtop when he was 2 years old, no problem for a kid to pull them up. And they was often in a pile since he played with them, not throwing them around.

    2. As a laptop repair technician that has gone and swapped the keys around on many keyboards to the DVORAK layout for many of my clients, I can assure you that on some laptops they are just way too easy to pull off.

    3. I think the kid got pretty good at it after the first 3 or 4. And like popping bubble-wrap, it was just too much fun.

      I think someone got them off the floor first, and then thought of taking a picture afterwards.

      I use Dvorak layout incidentally. Hands rarely leave the home row. Much better.

  1. pfft, those keys are featherweight. My 16month old was pulling them out regulary. Btw get that friggin dummy out the mouth.

    1. Trust me.

      When the hinges are off they can be a pain putting back.

      If only the top is off its easy but as you can see there are alot of small White pieces of plastic, those are the hinges and those can be a pest putting back together and fitting to the keyboard.

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