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  1. There are maaannnyyyy more yahoo answer fails that deserve to be on here rather than this one. I take the “Yahoo answers fail” title as meaning it was a Yahoo answers fail in general not that specific question or answer. I could be wrong though.

    1. To 2lolo:
      Is that the only thing you do with girls online? Call them names? The exact same names I literally saw you post in another pictures comments, in this very site, to the same person – Twice before.
      Based on what I’ve seen you comment, this is my opinion of you;
      1. You have way to much free time and you spend most of it commenting in epic fail, which means you must live a very sad, lonely life surrounded either by people -You don’t like or -That don’t like you enough to spend time with you.
      2. You are what people call an “attention whore”.
      3. You aren’t very bright. I base this assumption on the fact that you are always swearing, something very common in less intelligent people, and never make valid arguments.

      I will not be surprised if you or people equal to your intellect answers my comment insulting me. Just in case that happens, since I have no intention in responding, I will say this in advance;
      That will only prove my point further.

      I sincerely hope you find strenght to do something about this, because the ways things are right now, you sir are the biggest epic fail I have ever seen online.

  2. The question ‘what percentage of water is celery’ makes it ask how much celery is there in a water, and which makes the answer correct that water absolutely doesnt contain any celery at all or else our drinking fountains would taste like celery flavor. 😀

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